Elizabeth LaPrelle and Brian Dolphin - Lullabies

An album of commingled traditional and original lullabies from two singing parents on extended parental quarantine.

Doran s/t

Collaborative “freak folk” album with Annie Schermer, Brian Dolphin, Channing Showalter, and Elizabeth LaPrelle.

Brian Dolphin - mother, here i come

2020 album of solo material featuring many of my wonderfully talented, musical friends.

Brian Dolphin & Channing Showalter - Without a Garden

Duo album with both of our songs, arranged and recorded in the cold fall of 2017.

Brian Dolphin & Earth Person

September 2016 “Folktronica” Project with Earth Person a.k.a. Devon Cole, from Portland, ME. Featuring vocals by Audrey Maddox and Elizabeth LaPrelle; fiddles by Amy Alvey and Alex Kramer. Released in 2019 by Outward Records.

Brian Dolphin - Long Way Home

November '15 Solo album feat. Ali Dineen, Alex Kramer, Dylan Blanchard, Will Stratton, Patrick Metzger, Amie Rose Anderson, and Harry Dagostino

The Live Cultures

July '14 Band with Ali Dineen, Alex Kramer, and Hannah Sassoon

Homecoming EP

November '13 Original Songs featuring Kate Ettinger, Eli Hetko, Aba Kiser, and Alex Kramer

photos by Leonardo March (mneyid.com)